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Professional Photography Policy

Our orchard and farm has become a popular backdrop for portrait/commercial photography. Examples of "portrait photography" include high school, family, engagement, wedding, or graduation portraits. Examples of "commercial photography" include advertisement, promotional, and catalog pictures. 

If you are visiting Apple Hill Orchard for the purpose of taking professional photographs, we ask you to cooperate in the following manner:

  • Contact us one week prior to your session, via email, with the following information:​

    • Date and time of session​

    • Your phone number

    • Number of guests for each session

    • Your name and business name

  • Sessions can only be scheduled during normal business hours

  • No vehicles are allowed into the orchard; only props that can be carried by hand are allowed.

  • We do not provide access to electrical outlets or power. 

  • Reflectors and lights cannot be used.

  • Access is only permitted to the orchard; you cannot enter any farm buildings. 

  • We are a working farm; everyone must stay off tractors and equipment.

  • All of our guests' enjoyment is top priority. You may not ask other guests to move.

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your session to Purchase a Photographer's Pass.

    • 2020 Annual Pass is $100 and​ includes the name of the person purchasing and is valid until the close of the 2020 season on Dec. 24th. 

    • 2020 Day Pass is $25 and includes the name of the person purchasing and is valid only for the day of purchase.

  • Upon checking in, the photographer will be given credentials and a pass. Both annual and day passes must be returned at the end of the session. 

  • Every group who enters the orchard is required to purchase a u-pick bag before entry is allowed.

  • Remember to make arrangements with your clients to have your contact information. We cannot organize the meetup. It's best practice to pre-determine a meeting spot and time at the orchard. Cell phone reception is unpredictable. 

  • If there are weather related conflicts, we will work with photographers to reschedule. 

  • Failure to leave the property by closing time will result in a $50/hr. fee. 

Waiver of Liability

Use Of Apple Hill Orchards Premises Is At Photographers Risk. Photographer Hereby Agrees That Apple Hill Orchard Will Not Be Held Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Incidental, Or Consequential Damage, Injury, Or Loss To Photographer, His Or Her Party, Or Possessions While On The Premises. Photographer Holds Harmless And Indemnifies Apple Hill Orchard And Its Owners, Agents, Representatives, Employees, Guests, And Tenants Against Any Suit, Claim, Loss, Accident, Judgement, Fine, Injury, Or Damages.

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