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  • Can we visit the orchard anytime?
    Visitors are welcome anytime we are open! We are a seasonal business and are open mid-August to Christmas Eve. We do special events through out the year. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first to know about special events. Otherwise, please visit our Hours & Directions page. We are closed on Sundays.
  • When do apples get ripe?
    Please refer to the Apple Availability Calendar for the most recent information. Once apple varieties are completely harvested, they will not be available for U-Pick until the next year. However, we will have most varieties available in the Farm Market until we close at the end of the season. Apples available in the Farm Market will also be listed on the Apple Availability Calendar.
  • What kind of peaches do you grow?
    All of our peaches and nectarines are freestone. We grow white and yellow peaches and yellow nectarines.
  • Do you have other fruit besides apples?
    Yes, we grow peaches and nectarines. However, these are not always available for U-Pick. Visit our peaches page for more informaiton.
  • Can we bring our pet?
    No pets are permitted. Only trained service dogs as defined by the ADA (this does not include emotional support animals) may enter.
  • What do we need to bring for picking?
    We provide everything that you will need. However, if you have a wagon that you wish to bring, please do so. We have a limited number of wagons and sometimes there is a wait to get one. Personal bags and containers are not allowed into the orchard.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, debit, and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover). We cannot accept EBT or American Express.
  • Can we eat fruit in the orchard?
    For food safety and cornoavirus concerns, we reccomend that apples be washed before eating. Therefore, it's best to purchase and wash your apples first. If you must taste an apple, please do not be wasteful.
  • Are you handicapped accessible?
    Our Farm Market and restrooms are handicap accessible. We do not reccomend going into the orchard unless you are steady on your feet. The orchard contains sloping and steep areas that can be difficult to navigate.
  • Can I pick any of the fruit that I see?
    No, different varities of apples get ripe at different times. Designated picking areas are clearly marked, and instructions will be given when you check-in to pick your own.
  • Do you have restrooms?
    Yes, we have indoor restroom facilities. On crowded days, we have portable toilets as well.
  • Can we bring a picnic lunch? Do you sell food at the orchard?
    You are welcome to bring a picnic and use the picnic tables or spread a blanket. We do not sell meals or sandwiches at the orchard. We only sell bakery items.
  • Is your cider pasteurized? Can we freeze it?
    Yes, we flash pasteurize our cider. We prefer flash pasteurizing over traditional pasteurization techniques because the process of flash pasteurizing does not affect the taste and leaves beneficial micros in the cider. Cider can be frozen for up to one year; for the best taste, allow to thaw completely before drinking.
  • Can we make reservations for the Saturday wagon tours?
    No, Saturday wagon tours are on a first come basis. Tickets can be purchased in the Farm Market and in the Apple Pickin' Shed. Rides are approximately every 45 minutes from 10:30-3:30. Due to the 2020 coronavirus, visit our tour page to make sure Saturday Wagon Tours are being given.
  • Can we book the orchard for a wedding or event?
    Currently we do not offer the orchard for weddings or parties.
  • When is the best time to visit the orchard?
    Everyday is a great day to visit Apple Hill Orchard! If you are looking for a specific variety of apples, please review the Apple Availability page. Week days are less crowded than Saturdays, specifically, Tuesday-Thursday.
  • Is there a fee for parking?
    There is no parking fee.
  • What if it rains?
    Our educational tours will go on if it rains, unless it is a very hard rain or thunderstorm. We will continue to have U-Pick in the rain. If there are thunderstorms in the area, we ask everyone to seek shelter in the buildings.
  • Are you organic?
    We are not an organic orchard. We use an integrated pest management approach to control pests in our orchard. This is a balanced approach that considers the dicotomy of sustainability, health, the environment, and economic welfare of our customers.
  • What do you do in the off season - just go on vacation?
    That would be great! But other times at the orchard are almost as busy as the fall. Old trees need to be cut down, and the land needs to be prepared for new trees. All the trees must be pruned. Pruning starts in late fall and continues until almost spring. Early spring time is also for planting new trees. After the trees bloom, we thin the crop to ensure large-sized fruit. This process is labor intensive and very important! Equipment must be repaired. Buildings need to be repaired or expanded. We are always planning and working on ideas to make your visit better or smoother. New technology is important as we try to keep up with new or improving ways to grow fruit and increase production.
  • Do you sell deer apples?
    When availability allows, we do. We typically do not sell bins of deer apples, but we do sell mesh bags. Visit our online store or call to check for availability.
  • How big is the farm?
    We have a 100-acre farm with an orchard and cattle. The orchard is around 20 acres and at last count, the orchard contains around 10,000 trees.
  • How many apple varities do you grow?
    We have 22 varities of apples; see our Apple Availability page for details.
  • Do you sell trees?
    No, we purchase our trees from large commercial nurseries.
  • What do you offer for children?
    We encourage families to enjoy U-pick apples and to bring a picnic lunch or get yummy treats from our bakery. We do not have a petting zoo or playground.
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